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October 14, 2016

Why Drip Irrigation?


A big part of creating a Bay-Friendly landscape is being smart and efficient with how water is applied and managed.  There are many ways to conserve water and still have a beautiful, flourishing garden or landscape.   Bay-Friendly, Lead Trainer Jennifer de Graaf makes the case for spending the time (and the money) to install drip irrigation.  In her writing, Jennifer breaks down the benefits of drip and puts to rest all of the myths surrounding this irrigation technique.


“Client:  the irrigation is going to be expensive and I just want it done, so I’m going to hand water.  I don’t mind watering the garden myself.

Me:  I strongly recommend that you install the system, here’s why: (see the rest of this post)…”

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If you’d like to gain hands-on experience working with drip irrigation, join us for our Grip on Drip Workshop happening November 7 & 12!


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