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August 1, 2017

San Mateo Shares Tips for a ReScape Garden!

Thank you

San Mateo Countywide

Water Pollution Prevention Program

for sharing tips for a ReScape California Garden! We share the same goals as the folks at SMCWPPP in protecting our local creeks and the San Francisco Bay from pollution carried by stormwater runoff. The Bay is a precious habitat for our local wildlife–sharks, otters, and of course, the adorable sea lions we often see at Pier 39. They deserve a clean, living environment as much as we do. A ReScape landscape, based on our 7 principles, has the potential to manage stormwater onsite and prevents runoff from carrying chemicals, pesticides, and other pollutants into the Bay.

Check out SMCWPPP’s post HERE and get resources for planting climate appropriate plants, managing pests and applying for BAWSCA’s rebates. If you are a maintenance landscape professional in San Mateo County, you may be interested in attending our next ReScape Maintenance Qualification Training in South San Francisco. We’ll be covering plant installation and maintenance, soil health, irrigation efficiency, integrated pest management, and of course, managing stormwater and more! Learn more.

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