The Emeryville Greenway Building and Phase II Greenway Extension project site runs from the intersection of Hollis and Powell to 59th Street.  The LEED certified four story research facility provides subterranean parking and ground level retail/food services opening up onto a public amenity terrace and garden featuring –‘ All Together Now’ – a sculpture installation by NewYork based artist, Fredrick Gelb. This public garden sits at the confluence of Hollis street and Powell street and serves as a public amenity along the greenway openspace and pedestrian corridor.  The phase two  Greenway Extension provides pedestrian and openspace connectivity thru a former parking lot and rail spur, linking the Greenway building and phase II extension to the Emeryville community organic garden and greater openspace network beyond. Large areas of asphalt, rail lines and service yards were removed, soil remediated and replaced with native and adaptive drought tolerant plantings, stabilized DG seating areas,  meandering pedestrian paths and LEED certified pole mounted lighting.