Cottonwood Place is designed to achieve a high GreenPoint rated score of 200.  This innovative community is constructed using sustainable building methods to ensure its long-term energy-efficiency and sustainability.  The green / sustainable features include recycling of demolition and construction waste, planning for on-going recycling of resident trash, an energy and water conserving design, and material selections that include recycled content and/or improve indoor air quality.  The exterior envelope is well insulated with thick walls and roof insulation.  Windows are shaded to minimize heat gain.  Both the residential development and the On Lok commercial space use solar panels to pre-heat water and central boilers for efficient water heating.  A 100 kw photo-voltaic system generates electricity to help meet residential common electric loads.

For 40 years, On Lok Senior Health Services has helped the older members of our community maintain independence and dignity. On Lok Lifeways innovated the PACE model of care, a customized, community based health care service delivery model which integrates comprehensive medical care, social services, meals, transportation and home care. Designed to help the oldest members of the community remain living in their own homes while receiving essential services and support, the On Lok Lifeways Program is currently meeting the needs of seniors at 10 Bay Area centers. On Lok expanded to its 11th center in Fremont, in partnership with Eden Housing.