The commercial district in a residential neighborhood at 2940 Benvenue Avenue in Berkeley,
was one of four Branch Library renovations that the Berkeley Public Library (BPL)
undertook as the result of the Berkeley voter-approved Measure FF in November 2008.
The unique challenge of the site focused on how to incorporate a sustainable landscape
into a small, high-density urban and pedestrian oriented space. Nearly all of the useraccessible
area of the site is along the sidewalk frontage, in the public Right-of-Way.
The publicly accessible landscaped areas are adjacent to this sidewalk frontage. There
is an additional area to the south and west of the site that is not accessible to the public,
but is designated as an area for employee bicycle parking, access to emergency exits,
maintenance access, and native and drought-tolerant plant habitat to add diversity to the
site’s plant palette. These areas are composed entirely of permeable paving,
decomposed granite paving, and planting areas.