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June 9, 2016

Protecting our Watersheds

Watersheds, areas of land where water flows and forms larger bodies of water, are essential features of our landscapes, shaping how we access and manage our water use. Every one of us lives and works within the boundaries of a watershed.  Our urban landscapes and the practices we employ to care for them have a big impact on our water resources.  Runoff carrying toxic pesticides and herbicides, for example, can pollute our water ways and negatively impact these fragile ecosystems.  Watersheds throughout California are in need of our protection now more than ever as we face drought and an ever changing climate.  As landscape professionals and home gardeners, you can do your part to ensure the health of your local watershed by practicing the 7 Bay-Friendly Principles.

We encourage you to check out this video from the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), an organization that works to protect and care for open space, farms and parkland in and around Silicon Valley.  This clip illustrates just how close we are to our watersheds and the need to protect these diverse water systems.

VIDEO: Watersheds of the Peninsula in 90 Seconds

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