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April 3, 2019

Getting to Know You: Tylee Sewell


A Conversation with Milena Fiore

A trip into nature from her native New York City started Tylee Sewell on a path that has taken her from graphic arts training and higher education, to horticulture and landscape design, and small farm agriculture. And to South Carolina, Virginia and finally Sacramento, California. A new member of the ReScape California Board of Directors, Tylee brings a wealth of experience and vision of service to all of her work. Over the years as Tylee combined her love of art and nature, she witnessed the healing and nurturing aspects of both.  Establishing a school garden in a grade school in the Rural South, Tylee brought “art into the garden,” and brought together diverse communities-both economic and cultural- to work side-by-side to provide food for the children.

Tylee and her husband have a business, Sygyzy, that embodies all of what Tylee loves: edible design, and creating nurturing, beautiful spaces- both interior and exterior.



Getting To Know You Q&A

  1. Name one thing you have learned over the years: – That I don’t know anything! Things I thought I knew, I keep learning in new ways!
  2. What is a big failure that (you) turned into a positive? – Coming to California. It was a “sink or swim” situation, and I worked at it and created a company and found opportunities for support.
  3. What is most precious to you? – Life! And learning.
  4. What do you most value in your colleagues? – Integrity.
  5. Who are your heroes? – People who have failed and preserved. Those who are made mistakes and are willing to keep going, to be strong enough to get back up after being knocked down.
  6. What is your greatest achievement? – Being a mother. Giving life and seeing it go forth.
  7. What is the thing for which you want to be remembered? – Serving others.
  8. What would you tell your younger self? There is no perfection! It’s okay-keep learning.
  9. What is the one thing you have not done/achieved and want to before you die? – I would love to have a learning place in nature, where people can come and learn about the earth, where they can get their hands down in the soil. My art focus is on clay sculpture: I love working with the earth, and would like to share this love with people. Nature is healing- it tells you what you need to know.


Join Tylee in the field April 25 – 27 for a volunteer garden installation project at O.H. Close Youth Facility in Stockton! Contact Tylee Sewell at to register for the event.

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