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August 1, 2019

Getting to Know You: Oscar Locario

This month we’re getting to know Oscar Locario, Landscape Worker for the City of Sausalito Parks & Recreation Department. You can see Oscar’s work throughout the city. With a background in Permaculture design from Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, Oscar has installed plants, trees, bushes, herbs- even food throughout the city. (You can see Oscar’s artichoke plants at Yee Tock Chee Park on Bridgeway at Princess Street.) Oscar has lived with his family on the grounds of the California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville; he established a 5-acre community garden while working for the Federated Indians Graton Rancheria. Oscar grew up in Mexico City, and worked for years as a dental assistant, volunteering at community clinics and at a bilingual dental office. At Sonoma State he studied environmental science with a focus in conservation, restoration and urban planning.


  1. How did you get interested/involved/engaged? My parents taught us about social justice, to be kind and to be thankful for our food. When we moved to the US, I saw how disconnected we were from the people producing the food, and how they were living. I saw that they had no voice, and were disproportionally affected by pesticides and chemicals that adversely affected their health. They and the earth were being poisoned.


  1. What do you want to people to learn/do in your work with them? That a park or garden is a living organism. We are not disconnected from the earth; we are one. There is beauty everywhere; the birds, the animals, nature.


  1. One thing you have learned over the years. Be more patient! There truly is a season for everything, and even though I want to see the seeds sprout right now, it will take time, and there is much to learn.


  1. A big failure that (you) turned into a positive: I ordered too much sheet mulch. I wanted to cover everything! So I talked to neighbors and friends and they came and used it at their home and gardens. We were able to work together, and it created a lot of community benefit.


  1. What is most precious to you? Time to share a meal and spend with my family.


  1. What do you most value in your colleagues? Loyalty, readiness to help and be supportive.


  1. Who is/are your hero(es)? Dolores Huerta! She is a woman with a family and continues to speak truth to power. She connects with everyone- and she puts you to work!


  1. What is your greatest achievement? Making every day things special. Taking daily steps to plant and experience how joyful that is. I just planted some lupine and already they are sprouting. I get to see the regenerative coordination between plants and humans.


  1. What is the thing for which you want to be remembered? Being a good parent. Giving the next generation the tools, the capacity, the empowerment and confidence to change things, to change the world.


  1. What would you tell your younger self? Be more observant. Smile more; it will work out. Take one step at a time.


  1. The one thing you have not done/achieved and want to before you die: I would love to fly in a plane over Mexico City and see the city covered with green. To see the rooftops, the birds and the animals, and that it is thriving.
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