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February 1, 2019

Executive Director Monthly Update – February 2019

We are continuing with our Listening Campaign and are making changes and updates based on your feedback. Soil and carbon sequestration have been part of lively discussions. After much thought, we have added carbon sequestration to our Principles, so now there are 8 of them! There are many ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere- we will be doing research and establishing best practices with the low-tech biological kind. Carbon sequestration research and planning have been around for over 20 years, but is coming forward now as an easy way for each of us to do our part to address climate change issues. Biologic carbon sequestration addresses storage of atmospheric carbon in vegetation, rich, live soils, woody products, and aquatic environments. We are updating our website; stay tuned as we add this principle to all of our activities and materials- and please do share your research, data and activities to build the pool of knowledge from which we all benefit.

We will also address soil later in the year in our Speaker Series. The first of four gatherings is on 7 February and features land management expert, Doug Kent on Firescaping. Please join us and participate in a dynamic conversation. Help us create community-based solutions. CEU’s available.

We are very excited to be able to formally initiate our Instructor Request for Qualifications (RFQ). We are accepting RFQ applications from qualified individuals to deliver formal classroom and on-site trainings and workshops at ReScape sponsored events. Our courses are based on whole-systems-thinking, and specifically include our 8 Principles: Act Local, Reduce Waste, Nurture Soil, Sequester Carbon, Save Water, Conserve Energy, Protect Water and Air, Create Habitat. Consider applying; we have a very busy training and education schedule this year, and are expanding our geographical service area- again based on your requests.

Thank you to everyone who has joined ReScape as a member or sponsor—your support allows us to continue our work and enables you to take part in helping us set our priorities. Together we can achieve great things.


Milena Fiore
Executive Director

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