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Sacramento: Look and Learn – The Basics of Watersmart Landscaping (Howe Park)

Howe Park
2201 Cottage Way
Sacramento, CA 95825

June 19, 2018, 6:00PM - 8:30PM

ReScape California presents:

Look and Learn: The Basics of WaterSmart Landscaping @ Antelope Gardens

Learn the What, Why, and How of water-efficient landscaping at this workshop and demonstration garden tour!



You will learn:

  • How a WaterSmart landscape means less water, less work, less pollution, healthier waterways and a healthier community
  • How to select plants that work well in our climate
  • How to choose where to put plants in your landscape & how far apart to space them for best results
  • How to get the most out of the rain that falls on your landscape
  • How to convert traditional pop-up sprinklers to rotary and precision nozzles
  • How to convert spray systems to low-volume drip
  • How to use free online tools to help you schedule your irrigation, design your landscape, discover the best plants for our region, and more
  • The location of other public water-efficient demonstration landscapes that you can visit for more ideas!





Sponsored by Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership 

with support from 

The Fulton-El Camino Recreation & Park District

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