What Is an EcoLandscaper?

EcoLandscapers are landscape professionals who are graduates of the River-Friendly Green Gardener Training Program and have committed to developing advanced skills through approved continuing education and following principles that further develop their landscape and business skills.

The EcoLandscape professional incorporates the River-Friendly Landscape Guidelines to create and maintain healthy, beautiful and vibrant landscapes, landscaping in harmony with the natural conditions of our environment.


The following target principles are the focus of EcoLandscaper advanced education and training:

Landscape locally, and create and protect wildlife habitats to help keep landscapes healthy. Landscaping in harmony with the natural conditions  of our watersheds. Landscapes for less to the landfill by less pruning, reducing waste and recycling materials.
Nurturing healthy soils while reducing fertilizer use.
Conserving water, energy and topsoil. Reducing stormwater runoff.
Using integrated pest management to minimize chemical use and create wildlife habitats.
Diversify services and communicate your eco-friendly landscaping practices to clients and employers.



A well-designed and -maintained River-Friendly landscape can cost less to maintain in the long run by consuming fewer resources. For public spaces, River-Friendly landscapes embody community values for health, wildlife and the environment.

For private property, River-Friendly landscaping addresses issues that your clients care about, such as reduced maintenance and decreased water usage as well as increased environmental benefits. It can lead to increased customer satisfaction and referrals to new clients.

As a landscape professional, you can be proactive. You can be part of the environmental solution rather than waiting for more severe water conservation and pollution controls that are increasingly likely with our growing population.