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Educational Videos

EcoLandscape California (now part of ReScape California) offers a number of educational videos to help you learn about river-friendly landscaping.

Sacramento-Region Irrigation Scheduler — click here


Beyond the Drought

A series of short videos to help your landscape survive droughts and thrive in the future.




How Much Water Does Your Garden Really Need to Thrive?

You can have a lovely garden that doesn’t waste water. Learn how to water and when.
< 3 minutes



What to Do If You Must Reduce Landscape Water Use

Learn how to maintain and fortify your existing landscape while reducing the amount of water. Create a more drought-tolerant landscape for drought periods and wetter seasons.
< 4 minutes



Renovate Your Landscape for Water Efficiency

Learn strategies to help you create a gorgeous, water-efficient landscape for drought periods and wetter seasons.
< 4 minutes



Should You Reduce Landscape Water Use More in the Fall?

Using less water in the fall is healthy for your garden. Learn how to dial back watering, allowing trees and shrubs to adjust and what to do to help the soil make the most of the rain.
30 seconds



Best Ways to Save Water in Your Garden in the Winter

Several quick tips to help your garden thrive in the winter using less water.
30 seconds



How to Help Trees Survive Drought Conditions

Some simple things you can do to help your trees and shrubs survive droughts.
30 seconds



How to Reduce Garden Watering During Mandated Restrictions

Two easy ways to reduce landscape water use by 20% and more are described. The two videos following this one show you how.

  1. Switch sprinkler nozzles to rotary nozzles.
  2. Convert sprinklers to drip.

< 30 seconds





1: Switch Sprinkler Nozzles To Rotary Nozzles

Use 20% less water easily by changing old inefficient sprinkler nozzles to rotary nozzles. Your garden will thrive and you will help the state reduce landscape water use.
< 1 minute





2: Convert Sprinklers To Drip

Save much more water by converting your sprinkler system to a drip system. This conversion gives you the most bang for your buck.
> 1 minute



Slow the Flow: Make Your Landscape Act Like a Sponge

Learn how landscaping impacts stormwater quality, and how to mitigate problems resulting from urban landscapes.
< 30 minutes


Irrigation Scheduler

The Sacramento Region Smart Irrigation Scheduler creates an irrigation schedule with weekly run times based on current weather conditions. (The links below take you to the Beyond the Drought web site.)

  1. Introductory information — please read first
  2. Tutorial Video: Single-Zone Scheduler
  3. Tutorial Video: Multi-Zone Scheduler
  4. Menu of Additional information
  5. Smart Irrigation Scheduler