Bay Friendly Qualified Professionals (BFQPs) are required to renew their qualifications every two years. To maintain their qualification, BFQPs must meet our Continuing Education Unit (CEU) requirements by attending sustainable landscape-related courses/workshops and pay their Requalification Fee.

Failure to renew your qualification before or at time of expiration will result in the removal of your listing from the online Directory. You are also prohibited from representing yourself as a Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional.

If you are a BFQP wanting to update your profile on the Directory, please fill out this form or email

Requalify Now

By completing this requalification process, you will extend your good-standing as a Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional for another two years. Requalification is a two-step process:

  1. Report your CEUs to in the following format:
    • Your full name
    • Event name
    • Event date
    • Host organization
    • Number of hours attended
    • RATERS – also submit the name of at least 1 Bay-Friendly Rated Project (complete or in progress)
  2. Pay your $100 Requalification fee HERE.

Please note that we cannot renew your qualification until we receive both your CEUs and your Requalification Fee

Benefits Of Requalification

Your Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional (BFQP) status represents a significant commitment to using landscape practices that protect air, water, wildlife and the community. By renewing your status, you maintain your current listing on the Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional directory, and signal to your clients and colleagues your Continued listing on Online Directory of Bay-Friendly Qualified Professionals

  • Discounts on Bay-Friendly publications and workshops
  • Continued use of the Bay-Friendly seal
  • Opportunity to interact with potential customers at ReScape California sponsored events
  • Access to marketing tools provided by the ReScape California, including “Hire a Bay-Friendly Professional” brochures and promotion on our website
  • Access to Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional networking opportunities
  • Online product and resource updates
  • Advance notice of workshops and trainings

How are CEUs calculated and credited?

One hour of professional-level training in a sustainable landscape-related course is equivalent to one CEU. The Bay-Friendly Coalition recognizes CEUs from a wide range of sources, and “pre-approval” of CEUs is not required. This allows you to choose the courses most relevant to your continuing education as a Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional. If you have not already done so, now would be a great time to attend some classes, seminars or other trainings in order to gather your required CEUs.

Please check our Event Calendar for CEU opportunities.

CEU’s are self-reported. This is an “honor system” process, which we verify in a small number of cases. Please maintain a record of your CEU history.

Bay-Friendly Qualification CEU Requirements
Maintenance: 4 CEUs
Design: 4 CEUs
Maintenance and Design: 8 CEUs
Rater: Your CEUs required to renew your Design and/or Maintenance Qualification and rate or be in the process of rating one BF-Rated Project every two years

How do I know when it’s time to requalify?

You will be notified by the Bay-Friendly Coalition in advance of your requalification date. Requalification takes place two years from your most recent qualification or requalification. Please keep your contact information current so that we may notify you promptly when it is time for you to requalify. To update your contact information, please email

Who is due to requalify in 2017?

  • All 2015 graduates of the Bay-Friendly Maintenance or Design Training & Qualification
  • All earlier graduates who have not requalified since 2015

What if I have multiple Bay-Friendly Professional Qualifications?

Your deadline for requalification is two years from your most recent qualifying or requalifying event.

What happens if my qualification expires?

When a BFQP’s qualification expires, they are removed from the online BFQP directory. In addition, they may not use the BFQP logo or patch and may not represent themselves as a Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional (BFQP).

What if I did not renew my qualification after 2 years but want to come back as a BFQP?

Those who have allowed their qualification to lapse by more than 2 years but want to regain their status as a Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional must do so within 4 years of attending the Bay-Friendly training and receiving their qualification. Qualifications that have lapsed by more than 4 years will be permanently invalid. You must attend the Bay-Friendly training again to become a Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional.

To renew your qualification after it has lapsed by more than 2 years, you will need to submit the appropriate number of CEUs (2 CEUs per year) and appropriate fee ($50 per year).



If you have further questions, feedback, or would like clarification of your current qualification status, please email us at