ReScape Qualified Professionals (ReScape Qualified Professionals, ReScape Raters and Green Gardeners) eligible for requalification are now able to renew through our NEW 2019 membership program!



Your ReScape Qualified Professional status represents a significant commitment to using landscape practices that protect air, water, wildlife and the community. By renewing your qualification, you can maintain your current listing on the ReScape Qualified Professional directory, and continue to promote your commitment to and knowledge of regenerative landscaping practices.


Additionally, requalifying gives you:

  • Discounts on publications and workshops
  • Continued use of the ReScape seal + use of the ReScape Qualified Professional seal
  • Opportunity to interact with potential customers at ReScape California sponsored events
  • Access to marketing tools provided by ReScape California, including “Hire a ReScape Qualified Professional” brochures and promotions on our website
  • Access to ReScape Qualified Professional networking opportunities
  • Online product and resource updates


How are CEUs calculated and credited?

One hour of professional-level training in a regenerative landscape-related course is equivalent to one CEU. ReScape California recognizes CEUs from a wide range of sources, and “pre-approval” of CEUs is not required. This allows you to choose the courses most relevant to your continuing education. If you have not already done so, now would be a great time to attend some classes, seminars or other trainings in order to gather your required CEUs. Two CEUs are required annually in order to be eligible for requalification. Self-report CEUs at time of requalification to

Please check our Event Calendar for CEU opportunities.


How do I know when it’s time to requalify?

You will be notified by the ReScape team in advance of your requalification date. Please keep your contact information current so that we may notify you promptly when it is time for you to requalify. To update your information please email


How to requalify?

Renew your professional qualification through our new Qualified Professional membership program. Select one of the two “Qualified Professional” options, based on whether you would like to be listed in our professional directory. Fill out the form and submit membership dues to renew your qualification.



If you have further questions, feedback, or would like clarification of your current qualification status, please email us at