ReScape Qualification Trainings

ReScape Qualification Trainings are offered to professionals in the public and private sector who design, install and maintain commercial, civic and residential landscapes. The ReScape Qualification is conferred to individuals, not companies. However, leading companies understand the value of the ReScape approach, and many have made a significant commitment to enrolling their employees in the ReScape Training program and/or hosting a training.

Professional Trainings were initially offered as the Bay-Friendly Training & Qualification Program (from 2007-2018). In 2017, EcoLandscape California’s Green Gardener Pro Training also merged with our professional trainings. Currently, our Qualification Trainings are centered around ReScape’s 8 Regenerative Landscaping Principles and address today’s most critical landscaping challenges.

Trainings are taught by subject-area experts and provide daily group activities, hands-on learning modules, and thoughtful interactive discussions designed to help professionals adopt best practices that bring our 8 Principles into the field and support the integrity of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento River watersheds. The Maintenance Qualification Training includes a half-day service-learning field project where participants gain hands-on experience by installing a regenerative landscape that benefits a nearby community.

Become a part of this dynamic approach to designing, building and managing landscapes by participating in one of our ReScape Qualification Trainings.


ReScape Qualification Trainings cover:

  • Strategies for addressing the effects of climate change with a science-based approach to adaptation and mitigation
  • Habitat restoration, local plant communities and the benefits of biodiversity
  • Techniques for water conservation, reducing runoff and maintaining stormwater systems in the landscape
  • Best practices for controlling pests and weeds with organic and integrated pest management strategies
  • Global connections between soil health, waste management, water conservation, air and water quality, greenhouse gas reduction, urban forestry and carbon sequestration


ReScape Qualified Professionals (RQP) receive:

  • An understanding of ReScape’s ecologically based, comprehensive approach to the management of public and private landscapes
  • Hands-on experience with practical, effective techniques
  • Required requisites for meeting local and state landscaping policies, ordinances and applicator licenses
  • A competitive advantage in the professional landscape marketplace
  • A Qualified Professional Membership with ReScape California
  • Eligibility to be listed in our online Qualified Professional Directory
  • A certificate of qualification in addition to use of the ReScape logo and qualification title to promote regenerative landscape expertise
  • Entry into our network of RQP with opportunities for connecting with other professionals and potential clients plus special invitations to ReScape events


More about our Qualification Trainings:

ReScape California’s Landscape Training & Qualification Program launched in 2007 as the “Bay Friendly Training & Qualification Program.” Since then the training has grown and evolved, including merging with EcoLandscape California’s Green Gardener Pro training program in 2017. The combined programs have graduated over 2,000 experienced landscape professionals who are putting regenerative landscaping practices to work every day. If you are a Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional or Green Gardener/EcoLandscaper and want to know how to requalify, please see our Requalification page.