Host a ReScape Qualification Training

ReScape California partners with non-profits, public agencies and businesses to host our Qualified Professional Trainings. Host Agencies donate the use of indoor classroom space and, for our Maintenance Qualification Trainings, collaborate with ReScape to secure and plan a community-benefit practicum project, including providing staff resources and obtaining necessary tools and materials.



  • The Host Agency is advertised through our event and included in local press releases. A partnership with ReScape Trainings demonstrates the Host Agency’s commitment to building and maintaining healthy, regenerative landscapes.
  • The practicum is intended to assist the Host Agency in completing a large project that otherwise may not have been given priority, or had enough time or staff delegated to. Additionally, the practicum project is used as a case study and the site is referred to throughout the training course. Hosts should choose a practicum location that utilizes our resources in a way that is beneficial to you and your community.
  • By hosting, a partner organization can guarantee that a ReScape Qualification Training will be held at a location that is accessible to the partner organization’s employees, and that the course content is tailored to the partner organization’s regional environment as well as local laws and policies.