ReScape Landscape Training & Qualification Programs

ReScape California’s Landscape Training & Qualification Program launched in 2007 as the “Bay Friendly Training & Qualification Program.” Since then the training has grown and evolved, including merging with EcoLandscape California’s Green Gardener Pro training program in 2017. The combined programs have graduated over 2,000 experienced landscape professionals who are putting sustainable landscaping practices to work every day.

This training will allow you to:

  • Stretch budget farther with techniques that reduce the cost of maintenance, chemicals, water and energy.
  • Reduce organic waste and meet recycling goals.
  • Prevent pollution usually associated with constructing and maintaining landscapes.
  • Meet your municipality’s Climate Action Plan goals.
  • Address growing public concern about the use of toxic chemicals in public landscapes.
  • Understand stormwater regulations and implementation.
  • Meet MWELO.
  • Promote yourself to clients and the public as a qualified, environmentally-conscious landscape professional.

The training program offers two tracks: Maintenance Training for Existing Landscapes and Design Training for New Landscapes. Both provide a comprehensive education in the ReScape approach and are taught by industry experts in stormwater management, water conservation and irrigation, plant selection and care, soil health, and more. The classes also offer landscape professionals the opportunity to network with peers who share an interest in healthy, environmentally sound landscape practices. The ReScape Training & Qualification program gives you an opportunity to learn from the best and expand your professional expertise, skills and networks.

Sustainable Landscaping, the ReScape Way

ReScape California promotes a systematic approach to creating and managing beautiful, healthy landscapes that conserve water, reduce waste and pollution, and provide many other benefits for property owners, communities and the environment.

Based on eight principles, the ReScape approach is flexible and can be adapted to suit a variety of styles and needs, from residential yards with areas for playing, relaxing, and growing food, to busy city parks that invite people and wildlife, to corporate and institutional campuses that are as easy to maintain as they are easy on the environment.

ReScape practices address issues that property owners care about, such as lowering water bills, reducing risks associated with many landscape chemicals, complying with stormwater regulations, and creating habitat for bees, birds and other pollinators and beneficial wildlife.

Become a ReScape Qualified Professional (RQP) and learn how to create beautiful, healthy landscapes that do a world of good.

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