ReScape California is a non-profit organization that educates about and advocates for a whole-systems approach to landscaping that works in harmony with the natural world and addresses the changing environment. ReScape’s landscaping practices are based on 8 regenerative principles which foster soil health, sequester carbon, conserve water and protect habitat and valuable resources while reducing waste and preventing pollution in our communities and watersheds.

The need is dire, and whether it is a small urban landscape, a community garden plot, or 5,000 acres of a city park, we know that how we tend our landscapes make a difference. We will continue to lead in the response to the climate crisis with research and our science-based education and advocacy programs.

We have achieved much over the years, and know that we could not do what we do without your support, and we thank you! Our service area has grown, and as we receive requests for services, volunteers and research throughout California, we invite you to join us in supporting our diverse communities. Make a donation.