Our Members

Annual members of ReScape California include a wide range of dedicated agency stakeholders, landscape professionals, home gardeners, and individuals who simply care about the health of our urban environment. Please join us!

Please note that the Qualified Professional status is not included in a ReScape membership. For more information on ReScape’s Professional Training and Qualification courses, please refer to our Education section.

Our Public Agency Members

Alameda County Water District
Alameda County Clean Water Program
Bay Area Rapid Transit
City of Albany
City of Berkeley
City of Emeryville
City of Fremont
City of Napa
City of San Jose
City of San Leandro
City of Union City
Contra Costa Clean Water Program
County of Alameda
County of Santa Clara, Office of the County Executive
East Bay Municipal Utility District
Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program
Marin Municipal Water District
Napa County Resource Conservation District
Napa Flood Control and Water Conservation District
Russian River Watershed Association
San Francisco Department of the Environment
Solano County Water Agency
Sonoma County Water Agency
Zone 7 Water Agency


Our Landscape Services Provider Members

Cagwin & Dorward
Calvin Craig Landscaping
CalWater Solutions
Gates & Associates
Girasole Sonoma
Green Alchemy
Growing Image Landscape
Marizco Landscape Management
MIG, Inc.
Placeworks, LLC
T.H. Norton Landscape Architecture


Our Landscape Industry Supplier Members

Delta Bluegrass Company
Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery
Evergreen Nursery, Inc.
Hunter Industries
Lyngso Garden Materials, Inc.
The Urban Farmer Store
Vision Recycling


Our Nonprofit Members

California Urban Forests Council

Education Outside

Optimum Soil



Our Individual Members

Anderson, Armond
Arne, Larice
Boehner, Bill
Bowns, Caru
Bressan, Tom
Bridge, Jeff
Brown, Hilary
Chamberlin, Ann
Coen, Tyler
Conner, Kim
Cook, Anne
Countryman, Teresa
Curry, Chris
Curtis, Martha
Decombe, Maureen
Desipio, Jan
Drinkh, Kathryn
Eade, Teresa
Ecal, Jerome
Evans, Audrey
Florendo, Andrew
Fong, Linda
Fricke, Kathy
Fuller, Midge
Gates, Linda
Georgiev, Nikolay
Griffiths, Scott
Hage, Eric
Hazelkorn, Arlene
Hazinski, Michael
Helm, Brent
Holmes, Frances
Ingram, Laura
James, Salbra
Johnson, Marijane
Kendra, Lorraine
Kjome, Lea Ann
Koch, Brian
Leu, Bekki
Majors, Aaron
Majors, Don & Chris
Makepeace, Anil
Makepeace, Paul
Mathys, James
Moore, Patricia
Olson, Karen
Phelps, Dave
Phillips, Heather
Prickett, Laura
Rebiejo, Stephanie
Remis, Rosalie
Roberts, Jennifer
Rosa, Karen
Savage, Karyn
Schubeck, Gretchen
Schubeck, Kristina
Schultz, Marta
Siebert, Sabrina
Smith, Leslie
Sommer, Wendy
Trewin, John


New EcoLandscape Members

Abalos, Beth
Andrews, Frances
Ayers, Kimberly
Baird, Vanessa
Balics, Bernadette
Bender, Marian
Carrion Van Rijn, Martin
Craig, Calvin
DeVol, Doug
Enright, Teri
Evers, George
Fletcher, David
Gannon, Dan
Garrett, Daniel
Gause, Cynthia
Halsted, Darleen
Hatamiya, Lynn
Hendrie, Aimee
Henricksen, Kristina
Hernandez, Melanie
Houck, Douglas
Joseph, Annie
Kern, John M.
Laquaglia, Nicolai
Laquaglia, Patsy
Madrone, Anthony
Magrum, Linda J.
Mangano, Rebecca
Nies, Linden
Phillips, Michelle
Pompei, Gerald
Sanguinetti, Stephen
Scott, Marcia
Stripe, James W.
Tranquilli, Soleil
Volmer, Scott
Zien, Steven


Our Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional Members

All current and active Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional Members who have successfully completed a Bay-Friendly Maintenance, Design or Rater Training are listed in our Bay-Friendly Professional Directory.