About Us

ReScape California is a non-profit organization that educates about and advocates for a whole-systems approach to landscaping that works in harmony with the natural world and addresses the changing environment. ReScape’s landscaping practices are based on 8 regenerative principles which foster soil health, sequester carbon, conserve water and protect habitat and valuable resources while reducing waste and preventing pollution in our communities and watersheds.

ReScape California initially began as the Bay-Friendly Landscaping & Gardening Coalition in 2009. The Coalition evolved to become ReScape California in 2015, and grew further when EcoLandscape California merged with ReScape in 2017.


A few of the challenges and climate change effects we address:

  • California’s water supply is limited and under increasing pressure. Up to 30% of urban water use goes to landscaping. Climate change will continue to stress our water supply.
  • Landfill space is scarce and there are significant economic and environmental costs to transporting and landfilling plant debris. In Alameda County alone, 110,000 tons of plant debris goes to the landfill each year.
  • Short-lived landfill emissions are responsible for approximately 20% of current global temperature rise, and are 84 times more potent that CO2 over a 20 year period. Air quality is also affected.
  • Local creeks and the bay are impacted by inappropriate use of pesticides, affecting human health, food supply, habitat and wildlife populations.
  • Conventional landscape construction and maintenance practices contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.
  • Biodiversity, ecosystem services, and aesthetic values of California natural resources are at risk.
  • Increased temperatures and more frequent longer heat waves can affect changes in land cover and land use.
  • Longer and more severe wildfire seasons are devastating, with costs to human life and health, property damage, and state and federal resources.
  • ReScape California has trained and partnered with many individuals, organizations, businesses and others to ensure that our landscapes are cared for responsibly.


Since 2009 ReScape programs have included:

  • 2,000+ landscape professionals, employed by over 35 public agencies and hundreds of private businesses, trained as ReScape Qualified Professionals.
  • 85 commercial, civic and residential landscapes, encompassing over 355 acres, certified to meet ReScape Rated Landscape standards.
  • 500+ residents who participated in workshops to bring ReScape Principles home.
  • 5,000+ visitors to demonstration gardens and garden tour sites featuring ReScape landscaping practices.
  • 600+ partners, members and sponsors supporting ReScape Principles & Programs in our communities, at home and in the field.


8 Principles

Rescape-8-Regenerative-Principles-0619ReScape’s landscaping practices conserve energy and cut costs and risks associated with the use of potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. Landscapes designed and maintained according to ReScape Principles typically achieve a 70% to 80% reduction in stormwater runoff compared to existing conventional landscapes, which minimizes flooding and erosion and helps comply with local stormwater management regulations. They also use 50% to 90% less water and cut greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 117 metric tons per acre (the equivalent of taking about 22 passenger cars off the road).


What We Do

  • Train landscape professionals in ReScape’s 8 principles
  • Educate communities with hands-on workshops
  • Connect clients with the ReScape Qualified Professional Directory
  • Facilitate adoption of model landscape ordinances
  • Create partnerships to advocate for regenerative landscape practices
  • Recognize civic and commercial landscapes in our ReScape Rated Landscape Program

How We Do It



Qualified Professional Trainings are offered to landscape professionals in the public and private sectors and who are responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of commercial, civic and residential landscapes. Trainings are taught by subject-area experts who focus on ecologically-responsible, sustainable and regenerative landscaping practices that are aligned with the 8 ReScape Principles. Participants complete required courses, submit homework, and pass an exam to become a ReScape Qualified Professional.

The Qualified Professional Directory is a searchable database designed to connect clients with trained professionals. Training graduates have the option to be listed in the online Directory which is promoted to the general public and ReScape partners. Check our events calendar for upcoming trainings.



Advanced Professional Seminars dig deeper than the Qualified Professional Trainings and provide seasoned professionals and those newer to the field with up-to-date regenerative landscaping best practices. Local experts offer classroom-style lectures, hands-on training and technical support. Advanced Seminars address current issues such as climate change with regenerative landscaping solutions. Check our events calendar for upcoming seminars.



WaterSmart Workshops offer local residents an opportunity to attend a community-based class focused on creating low-water use landscapes and stormwater pollution prevention. Industry experts give classroom presentations with hands-on experiences aimed at encouraging participants to adopt regenerative landscape practices at home. Check our events calendar for upcoming workshops.



Rated Landscapes are civic, commercial, institutional and multifamily property landscapes that integrate the 8 ReScape Principles to meet local landscape ordinances. Much of the Rated Landscape Scorecard aligns with or can contribute to earning credits in the GreenPoint Rated and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating systems. Having a Rated Landscape helps landowners comply with the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) and stormwater requirements.



Partners, members and sponsors are public agencies, nonprofits, businesses, home gardeners, landscape professionals and industry leaders who support ReScape’s mission. Partnerships run the gamut from collaborating on trainings and events to advocating for ReScape principles to underwriting programs. Current members are invited to attend the annual Regional Members Meetings plus special events and trainings.