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March 21, 2018

A Renewed Organization

ReScape California and EcoLandscape California have merged!

ReScape California has been growing and changing. Recently we’ve merged with EcoLandscape California. As two non-profit organizations dedicated to educating and advocating for sustainable Incorporating Ecolandscape landscapes, we realized we could be more effective, provide better industry support, and make a larger impact by merging. We will continue to train landscape professionals and home gardeners in the principles of River-Friendly and Bay-Friendly Landscaping, while leveraging the strengths of both organizations to reach more people and transform more landscapes throughout northern California. The merged organization has retained the name ReScape California, with headquarters in Berkeley and a regional office in the Sacramento area.

The organization’s training programs for landscape professionals, called Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional Training in the Bay Area and the Green Gardener Training Program in the Sacramento region, will continue in their current form for the immediate future. A Program Committee, to be formed by the Board of Directors of the merged organization, will be working to align the curriculum of both professional training and home gardener training programs, with the goal of having consistent programs in both regions within a year.  Regional referral programs for qualified landscapers will also be aligned and unified, and other programs scheduled for the coming year will continue as planned. Re-branding EcoLandscape materials and website will be implemented over the coming year as resources allow.

A key goal for both organizations has been to transform landscapes to improve the health of their respective watersheds, so curriculum has been somewhat regionalized to focus on “Bay-Friendly Landscaping” or “River-Friendly Landscaping.” This regionalization and these terms will be maintained in each region. Our programs have much in common, but we will continue to meet the specific needs of our audience and our supporters in each region. We are also looking forward to continuing the tradition of the bi-annual conference for sustainable landscaping that EcoLandscape has offered in the past.

Some changes may take a while, aligning programs, combining the website, and various other pieces take time. We are working to be as thoughtful as possible, and to make the combining of the organizations as smooth as possible.

Other changes are coming sooner. It is good timing with a renewed organization with strong, stable programs engaged staff and instructors, and really good materials to look ahead. Our recent search for a new Executive Director is on this website. It is excellent opportunity for someone to come in and help guide the direction and expansion of this larger organization. Position is supported by experienced and dedicated Board of Directors (and as previously noted, energetic, knowledgeable and talented staff and instructors). We look forward to introducing everyone to our new Executive Director soon, and to seeing you at upcoming classes and workshops.

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