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Firescaping: Planting Against Fire

Preservation Park, Robinson A
1204 Preservation Park Way
Oakland, CA 94612

August 22, 2017, 4:00pm - 6:00pm


Planting Against Fire


Understanding how fire operates is the first step in preventing fires from starting in the first place, and if they do, minimizing the damage to property and loved ones!

We will look at why fire is such a hot (haha) topic – where it comes from, how it operates, and what feeds it.  In understanding fire’s preferences, we can make better decisions in the landscape’s design, management, and maintenance practices to keep people, wildlife, and our properties safe.  The investment in preventing fire is worth a lot more than a pound of post-fire cure!

We will touch on:

  • Fire sources / how it starts
  • Debunking myths about fire (green plants do catch fire)
  • How it moves – predicting its route and understanding how it spreads and how FAST
  • What feeds it makes it stronger, taller, faster, able to leap tall buildings!
  • Keeping it away from things we don’t want burned (design perspective)
  • Keeping things from burning (design, materiality, maintenance considerations)
  • Starving a fire of fuel (maintenance considerations and specs)
  • Stopping a fire
  • Resources


About the Speaker

Jennifer de Graaf, PLA, LEED AP, BFQP, QWEL, has 20 years of professional experience in design and project management for a variety of project types, including parks, schools, hospitals, trail systems, streetscapes, historic properties, commercial housing, and estates and private residences.

In addition to project work, she works as an instructor for UC Berkeley Extension in the landscape architecture program and is the lead trainer for Bay Friendly Coalition/ReScape California.


Cost: $30- $35


2.0 Bay-Friendly CEU’s available for this Workshop

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APLD CEUs pending for this Workshop

Presented by ReScape CA and Sponsored by:

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