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Bay-Friendly Rater Training for Civic, Commercial & Multi-Family Landscapes – Hayward 2017

Hayward City Hall - Conference Room 2A
777 B Street
Hayward, CA 94541


Bay-Friendly Training & Qualification for Rating Landscapes – Hayward 2017



Great strides have been made in the requirements of the most recent California Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (CA WELO) broadening the intent of the CA WELO from water use efficiency to include a comprehensive approach to sustainable landscaping.  The Bay-Friendly Rating System brings with it training, tools and enforcement of CA WELO practices, guaranteeing the state bar is being implemented for every Bay-Friendly Rated project.

Why Become a Bay-Friendly Rater?

Bay-Friendly Qualified Raters are certified to verify that the design and construction of a new or renovated landscape meets the requirements of the Bay-Friendly Scorecard.   Bay-Friendly Raters gain a marketing edge with their clients as experts on the Bay-Friendly Rating Program.  Using the Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape System provides a clear a quantifiable path to healthier landscapes that meet or exceed CA WELO.

This  training program is taught by Bay-Friendly staff, current Bay-Friendly Raters and members of the Bay-Friendly Rater’s Council. To become a Bay-Friendly Rater, program participants must hold an active status as a Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional (BFQP) and attend both sessions of the training.

We would like to encourage as many people to take this training as possible so, if your BFQP status has lapsed, please contact Arielle Conway at to discuss renewing before the Rater Training.

Classes meet the following dates and times (times subject to change slightly):

  • Wednesday, May 3, 2017 – 8:00am to 4:30pm
  • Thursday, May 4, 2017 – 8:00am to 4:30pm

The course provides landscape design professionals with:

  • An overview of the Bay-Friendly Rating System
  • An advanced understanding of the Bay-Friendly Scorecard and it’s use in assessing Bay-Friendly landscapes
  • The tools and resources to successfully rate Bay-Friendly landscapes
  • A competitive advantage in the professional landscape design marketplace
  • A certificate of qualification and use of the Bay-Friendly Raters logo
  • A two-year membership in teh Bay-Friendly Qualified Professionals network, which includes free listing in the Bay-Area-wide directory of Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscape Professionals

In order to receive your Rater Qualification, you must:

  • Attend both days of the Rater Training
  • Pass the final test (available online after the Rater Training)

CURRENT RATERS – In order to maintain your Rater Qualification, you must do the following:

  • Attend both days of the Rater Training and pass the final test (available online after the Rater Training)


  • Register to receive a hardcopy of the materials and pass the final test (available online after the Rater Training)

There is a discount offered to current Raters to attend the training.  Contact Arielle Conway at to receive the discount code.  Current Raters wishing to not attend the training and only receive the materials and take the final test, will still need to register through the Eventbrite page and can contact Arielle Conway at to receive the registration code.

Eligibility Requirements

To become a Bay-Friendly Qualified Rater for civic, commercial and multifamily landscapes, you will be required to:

  1. Complete the Bay-Friendly Rater Training for Civic, Commercial & Multi-Family Landscapes by attending all classes and passing a final exam
  2. Hold current and in good standing Qualification as a Bay-Friendly Landscape Professional
  3. Submit documentation of one or more of the following current licenses, degrees, certifications or experience:
    • Landscape architecture, engineering or architecture degree or certification
    • Landscape contractor license
    • Build It Green’s Green Point Rater
    • Public agency experience in planning, design, construction or management of landscapes
    • Others subject to approval
  4. Submit a written statement confirming you have at least 2 years of experience preparing or reviewing landscape construction documents including technical specifications or 2 years experience with contract administration (CA) or construction observation (CO)
  5. Sign the Bay-Friendly Code of Rater Conduct and Logo Use Agreements

** You will submit your Written Statment during the registration process. Please e-mail your documentation of license/degree/certification/experience to **

If you have further questions about the course content, please contact us at or visit our website.

To view more about the Bay-Friendly Rating System, Becoming a Bay-Friendly Rater or Eligibility, visit our website at:



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