Staff and Contractors

Ann-Marie Benz: Executive Director

Ann-Marie joined ReScape California as their Executive Director in December 2014. The past decade she has spent in watershed work in central Arizona, because in the arid Southwest there is very little more important than water. She grew up in Southern California in an area that had advertisements showing flowing creeks that were actually being bottled by water companies. As David James Duncan wrote, “I was born, then, without a watershed. On a planet held together by gravity and fed by rain, a planet whose every creature depends on water and whose every slope works full-time, for eternity, to create creeks and rivers. I was born with neither.” This has driven her to work in healthy environments and to being Bay-Friendly. When asked why ReScape California, her challenge is to pick just one reason where are so many. Working at ReScape California is her part of trying to make our community the best place it can be. She enjoys connecting people with meaningful projects that will be of long-term benefit for our collective future.

Joyce Chow: Project Manager

Born in Hong Kong and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Joyce found her true calling in the Bay Area after attending and graduating from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Society and Environment, focusing on International Environmental Politics. Although her studies were globally-based, Joyce found meaning in local environmental work while volunteering and interning with several small Bay Area non-profit organizations dedicated to creating sustainable, conscious and healthy communities.

Arielle Conway: Project Coordinator & Administrator

As a lifelong Californian with family roots in the Philippines, the desire to preserve the natural spaces, parks and waterways that she grew up exploring has played a large role in forming Arielle’s professional interests.  Arielle received a BA in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz with an interest in environmental ecology, policy and education.  After graduating, she began work in the environmental education field, developing programs and curriculum to teach waste reduction to the next generation of environmental stewards. Arielle joined the Bay Friendly Coalition in 2015 to continue promoting sustainable behaviors within California and furthering the Coalition’s mission of supporting healthy watersheds around the San Francisco Bay.